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i want someone who will sit on a rooftop with me at 3 am and shave their head while i shave my head and then hotglue the hair to the roof so the roof will have hair

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You would think that teenagers would be the rudest customers when really it’s mostly old, middle-aged people. 

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when my friend had her first kiss, she told everyone her mouth got laid

she didn’t realize that everyone thought she’d given a blowjob on the first date

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So my blog’s 4th anniversary is coming up in two weeks and i decided to have my first ever tumblr awards to celebrate!


  • Mary Poppins Award (Best Overall Award)
  • Moana Award ( Best Up and Coming/ less than 200 followers)
  • Walt Disney Award ( Kindest Blogger)
  • Lilo & Stitch Award( Best disney family)
  • Gaston Award (Best Lookalikes )
  • Aurora Award ( Best Roleplaying Blog)
  • Hercules Award (Best Edits)
  • PineapplePrincess Faves

Nominees will be chosen on July 24th and there will be 5 for each category. Winners will be chosen on July 28th.


  • Must be following MOI
  • This post must be reblogged and likes do not count
  • you cannot nominate yourself and you cannot nominate anyone as an anon
  • you have to be nominated for the Moana award
  • If there is a specific category you wish to nominate someone for please include in your message


  • A follow back from me
  • my eternal love
  • a gift from walt disney world OR disneyland when i visit
  • promos whenever you want for the entire month of august
  • a special lookalike done just for you

Keep in mind that this will only happen if this gets at least 100 notes and Good Luck!

I’m sorry I made an error.
You ARE allowed to nominate yourself and others for an award.
Nominees otherwise will be chosen at random.

Just a pool, disguised as a pond, with a trampoline instead of a diving board.

I wrote a paper about these kinds of pools several years ago for a class when they were just prototypes. These pools have a natural filtration system that run based on the plants that are in the pool that give the water nutrients that allow it to not only be crystal clear, but you are also able to drink the water because it becomes so clean. And the best part is that once the initial filtration system is installed and calibrated, it maintains itself and eliminates the need for chlorine or constant maintenance like salt water pools. 

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I hope all of you end up living in houses similar to the ones you built for your sims to live in





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honestly sometimes in school people say the most ridiculous shit and I make this face and look somewhere at an imaginary camera like I’m on The Office

My school has security cameras in every classroom and I’ve done this at least 3 times each class this entire year. Today the security guard came up to me and told me I was his hero. 

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the original benders[]
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This Is The Physics Lesson Of The Future, And It Looks Insanely Fun

“Kids are prone to be on their phone and their iPads, prone to sharing things and making things. Instead of trying to divorce education from that, let’s lean into that.”

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